from the bureau

Gay marriage appears poised to be the next great civil rights milestone in American history. As federal court after federal court knocks down bigoted bans on same sex marriage, the concept of two men or two women joined in matrimony has begun to appear downright pedestrian. But to a young adult coming of age in the 90's, the prospect of marrying someone of the same sex seemed more fantastical than the RPG worlds we escaped into.

Society has largely caught up to gay peoples' domestic aspirations, but the Game Industry is another matter. Driven by conservative, blockbuster-centric straight men, Video Games are much more likely to show a prostitute's death than a tender moment of same-sex attraction. Even the games whose code and polygons permit the player to see a moment of queerness on their screens tend to make this content entirely optional-- a sidequest for LGBTQ players who want to identify with the media they consume.

This inaugural issue of electro bureau concerns the sidequest of marriage. Our first story is a simple introduction from your humble editors. Then, Tony searches for happily wedded bliss in the desert town of Monsbaiya in Azure Dreams. Next, Tate examines why Nintendo kept him from his sweetheart in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Finally, Zack revisits one of the first (and most controversial) gay partnerships ever included in a AAA game, a possible pairing with the anything-goes-elf Zevran in Dragon Age: Origins.


We want to include a wide range of voices here at the bureau. If you've got something to say about a game, by all means, e-mail tony and let him know what you would like to say.