do a gay barrel roll!

Just like old times, eh, Fox?

by tate

When Tony initially approached me with the idea of doing a coming out issue, I wasn’t sure I had anything for it. My coming out story was thankfully pretty low key. My parents were incredibly supportive, my friends didn’t care and my school had several out students and a Straight-Gay Alliance. In my senior year of high school, I even made out with a football player in the library.

i had my first kiss (and a gay one to boot!) while playing star fox 64.

Even though gaming’s always had a huge, center role in my life, in the scheme of coming out, there wasn’t a moment I could relate directly to it. However, in the process of my racking my brain, I realized that there was a very important moment in my gay youth related to video games. I had my first kiss (and a gay one to boot!) while playing Star Fox 64.

I had a really good friend I’ll call “Bill”, and throughout middle school and into our first year or so of high school, we would alternate having video game sleepovers - like 13 year old boys do. During these game nights, we’d order pizza and go through our traditional rounds of GoldenEye & Mario Kart 64, before switching to his favorite game, Star Fox 64 - he was a giant sci-fi lover and had the largest collection of Star Wars stuff I’ve ever seen. Our favorite stage to play was the Time Trial on Katina. And for the first few rounds we’d actually play how we were supposed to (shooting as many enemy ships down as possible), but that wouldn’t last long. And after a few rounds, we’d dissolve into a competition to blow each other up over the big pyramid. For some reason, you could only do Battle Royale on Corneria or Sector Z.

On this particular night, it started off like it always did, and was overall pretty uneventful. We spent the evening making fun of each other, gloating over victories, talking about whatever we used to talk about, your average game night. Eventually Bill got up to use the bathroom and when he came back, he sat down next to me, almost on top of me and I play pushed him away.

He sat back up and when I looked at him he leaned in and kissed me.

We were both stunned by it, but only for a moment. We looked at each other and then we burst into laughter. We started a new match and proceeded to blow each other up over Katina. The rest of night was completely low key and we ended up never talking about the kiss. The next morning, we had breakfast with his family and we thought it was the funniest thing to have our secret.

We continued our sleepovers for maybe another year or so and there were definitely some other firsts and some very informative moments during those nights, but nothing quite matches my first gay kiss.

As we went into high school, we stayed friends and played the occasional game, but he went on to date women exclusively, and our secret, turned out to just be that. The kiss fell into obscurity in my memories for a long time, until he found me on Facebook and it all came flooding back. And when I think back on it with 15 (give or take) years of hindsight, it’s wonderful to know that some lanky geek gave me the most important kiss of my life.

it’s wonderful to know that some lanky geek gave me the most important kiss of my life.