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Mario’s first companion in Super Mario RPG is an enigmatic figure named Mallow. You don’t know what he is, but he sure as hell isn’t a tadpole. He’s white and fluffy, and his emotions seem to be able to control the weather. Mallow joins you on your journey when his caretaker, Frogfucius, informs him that he isn’t like his brothers and sisters in Tadpole Pond, but that he fell from the sky years ago. Through his travels with Mario & Co., Mallow learns to control his emotions, and finally finds a place where other people accept him-- up in the clouds. Mallow learns that he actually the lost prince of the Nimbus Kingdom, and he is finally where he belongs.

A lot of queer kids don’t fit in at the Tadpole Pond. We feel like outcasts when we’re not into sports, or girly stuff, or whatever. We cannot flourish, because we’re too busy wondering, “what the hell is wrong with us?” Why can’t be we happy with our circumstances, like everyone else here appears to be? This issue is about coming home to Nimbus-- what happens when we finally do find a place where we’re comfortable in our own skin, and when we’re surrounded by people who value and appreciate us. Some of us find that group on accident, some seek it out, and some build it from scratch. These are just a couple stories about belonging.

First, Kyle explores what happens when an act of courage leads you to find out that you were in good company all along. Tate tells us about his core group of gaymer friends, and the dynamics between them. Tony tells us how a browser toolbar led him to a place of power and motivation. Finally, we have an interview with the developer and designer of the gaymer social networking site DAGGR.


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