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So, you’d like to be a part of the bureau?

That’s wonderful. We’re excited to have you, but there are a couple rules.

First, have you read an issue? It may seem obvious, but you’d be shocked by how many people don’t read anything from the places they send submissions.

Great. You’ve done your queer reading. Now what? There are a couple things to be mindful of when submitting:

We’re a queer/marginalized voices zine. We love our straight male allies. And the work that needs to be done can only be done with your help. But electro bureau was created to give voice to those who meet resistance in the industry, and those are the stories we are looking to tell right now. That said, if you have a really great, specific story about how a game or the industry has changed you to become a social justice warrior, pitch it to us. You never know.

$$$. We are telling these stories because we believe these are important stories for the gaming industry to hear. We believe that the people who tell them deserve to be compensated. We typically pay $25 for a pitch that becomes a story we publish

Hate speech. We are proud social justice warriors, rogues, and mages here, and we will not stand for homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, ableism, body-shaming, agism, sexism or any other sort of hate. Reread something you’re sending in to make sure there isn’t something accidently harmful.

Bravery. We want honest stories. We acknowledge that honesty can hurt and that vulnerability is difficult. We will happily use whatever byline and credit you are comfortable with.

Editing. Be open to it. We might ask for some cuts or clarification if we want to publish it.

Have fun. It’s called a game for a reason, just because it’s our duty as gamers to make this industry open, free and inclusive, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun along the way.

There are generally three types of stories we publish. The first is our quarterly issue, which revolves around a specific theme. So, if you are interested in being one of the four contributors for an issue, let one of us (via e-mail) know and we’ll talk to you about the theme. The second is our bureau byte, which is an one-off feature. It could be about a game, an experience, the sky's the limit so long as it falls within the guidelines above. The third is a new project we're planning for 2015: serialized, longform pieces about monumental moments in our reader’s and contributor’s lives. If you think you have something, let one of us know and we can see if it’s a good fit.

If you’re unsure about what fits where, submit it and we’ll where it works best. It may even inspire us to write something in your theme.

We have an open, rolling submission protocol. We’re always looking to give a platform to interesting stories.

One last note: we’re all about transparency at electro bureau and we want to support our collaborators. We ask that you treat us with dignity and we’ll do the same for you. If you want to know more about us, reach out. You can contract us through our emails or on twitter and you can get in touch with any of the authors through twitter (their handles can be found underneath article’s title.)

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

What are you waiting for? Send a pitch or submission!